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Calgarians are awesome!

Незатейливая история о застрявшей в снегах девушке так и не дождавшейся технички - прорва людей по очереди предлагала ей свою помощь разной уклюжести, и в конце концов мышка-за-кошку вытащили машинку. История настолько простая и обыденная (нас выручали без счета и я никогда не стеснялся подойти предложить помощь), что обычно не приходит в голову о таком писать.
На вражеском языке, но простыми словами. Перепост из Calgarians.

Запись была не подзамочная, но раз уж запрятали - то вот он
I just wanted to share a wonderful experience. Today, I was driving down a hill, leaving my neighbourhood when I hit some black ice, skidded, and went right over a snowbank. I was not stoked and I couldn't get out at all. I turned on my flashers, called AMA and sat and waited what I thought was going to be an hour for them to come bail me out. But then, a wonderful person stopped by and tried to push me out. We weren't having luck, but one of the people in the houses nearby gave us some sand to help with traction. Sadly, the sand didn't give us any traction and the fellow couldn't push me out. So I thanked him, and kept waiting for AMA. Then, a nice fellow with a huge Ford F250 came by and stopped and said "You look pretty stuck, do you need help? I live nearby and I'll go get a chain so I can pull you out and you don't need to wait for a tow!" He went off to get that, but while he was gone, two fellows were driving by and stopped and offered to push. Just then, the next door neighbours (to the house I was stuck in front of) were pulling into their driveway, so THEY got out and offered to push too. One of them got a shovel and the other one helped push, and they got me out before the guy with the truck got back!

So, I just wanted to share that and say a huge THANK YOU to the people who helped, if they're reading this. And I just wanted to say that I think Calgary is an awesome community with awesome people. :) I know there are some cynics out there, but this incident just proves what a WONDERFUL city we live in!


Jan. 25th, 2010 08:43 am (UTC)
Very nice